Quality for Professionals

is what we offer you,
for over 80 years

KOUIMTZIS Group has been offering innovation engineering of added value for 80 years

Operating since 1936 in the region of Thessaloniki, KOUIMTZIS Group is an internationally leading manufacturer and supplier for mechanical components.

We provide versatile aftermarket solutions for spare parts under the brand name Alpha Parts, industrial and power transmission applications under the brand name Industry Motion and innovative solutions for special applications, under the brand name Alpha Systems.

Our long presence in the local market reinforces the leading position of our company in industrial and agricultural sector and imparts a competitive advantage in the quality of our products globally.

what our name is all about

While leading the manufacturing and supply of agricultural and mechanical components for all these years, we always kept our focus forward. Our Vision is always in the long-term but its the same values that got us where we are today. Read on below for more information.